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A Guide To Online Adult Sex Stores

There are a lot of people that have never been to an adult sex store but they would like to visit one and invest in a sexual toy. There are some people that have been to this style of shop before but they are looking to revisit and invest in a new item to give them pleasure. Before you head off to one of these stores it is important to bear in mind that there is both advantages and disadvantages of purchasing that desired item online.

The online shops are in a position to offer a range of different special offers. The positive aspects of online shops is that they are able to offer better deals and there is also a range of money saving coupons that will be available. It is very uncommon to get good deals in the local high street stores and in most cases the items will cost you a considerable amount more than it would online. Another positive aspect of shopping online is that you can do it in privacy as no one else knows you are shopping in the store and no-one will know what you are purchasing.

It is very important to take time to conduct some research into the items that are available as this will mean that you do not waste your money on an item that is not actually that good. If you are going to purchase a vibrator it is very important that you know what is available so that you can purchase one that will hit the correct spot for you.

It is great to do the shopping from the comfort of your own home and this gives you complete privacy as no-one will know what you are buying and who you are. Shopping for your sex toy online also allows you to open up to your partner and express your feelings. If you make a joint decision and get a sex toy that you both like this will enable you to create a special atmosphere within the body.

Almost all of the online sex stores offer the facility to return items where as local stores in most cases will not allow this. This returns policy is another good reason for shopping online for your sex toy. It can be annoying having to take the time to return the item but this is much better than having faulty item that is really no use.

There is really one main disadvantage when it comes to purchasing your sex toys online and this is that it is hard to handle the item and see exactly how it works. One of the most important things about vibrators is the intensity that it is able to offer. Nowadays there is some video clips on the online shops and these show the working item and give you an idea of what it is like.

It is good idea to purchase a sex toy from the comfort of your home as it will enable you to check the prices and make comparisons. The online sites will also make it possible for your to read reviews which have been written by other customers.

It can be very easy to select products from online sites and it is important to take time to look at various products before making a final decision. It is important to take time to find out how all the different items work as this means that you are able to make an informed decision.

How to Carefully Approach Adult Sex Dating

I think there comes a point when we have to stop being a society in denial. The internet is a place of all sorts and adult sex dating is one of the realities of the internet-dating world. Not everyone is looking for a relationship and not everyone is looking for a date to spend the night. There are some of us with a clear understanding of exactly what they want in life and I think I can applaud them for being honest with themselves. Dating sites that are specific about their intent and their demographic are quite readily available online, with varying names – some famous and some not.

They also are quite a few that cater to very specific sexual and niche interests, I mean the world is made up of all sorts and the internet has allowed them to find a place in the world where they can find like minded individuals who would be able to share their same likes and dislikes. Some of us have higher libidos than other’s and are much more comfortable with our own sexualities. This is the driving force behind these websites and dating services. It isn’t because that society has become perverted and that they need to run to the corners of the digital world to see their interests expressed.

It is much the other way around. Some of us have matured more than others and we need to see that human are murals of expression and we are built with different colours of the human spectrum. We cannot always have a negative thought to those who are honest about themselves, we cannot treat them as outcasts of society just because we cannot understand them. We must be patient, we must be accepting, we must be enlightened. Yes the adult sex dating scene is a dangerous world with potential stalkers and nefarious beings but these dating sites are pretty secure in their treatment of their subject matter. Privacy is at an all time high and the quality websites filter all the potential malware, scams, pornographic companies that try to infiltrate their databases to garner more business. Adult sex dating is all about the physical relationship and the discovery of both pleasure and physical attraction. But this does not mean that it cannot be pure.

There are those who will take advantage of the system and there are those who are in it because it is a part of their lifestyle. Normally, the end users of these websites will be able to weed out these individuals and get them banned. There are quite a few quality adult sex dating sites online and you can spot them because of the fact that they are discreet, offer a comprehensive security warning, have many pages of disclaimers and require that you complete and fill out a personal particulars form before you continue – one that has to be verified through email. These precautions and more are there to keep out the black hats and make adult sex dating a safer experience for those who would like to find an avenue to express themselves.

Are Adult Sex Chat Sites a Solution to Getting Over Your Ex?

Most of us probably went through a breakup and know what impact has on you losing somebody you love. After a breakup, men find it difficult to approach women face to face. It is normal to feel down but there are solutions, you just have to do something about it.

You may think that adult sex chat is not a solution to this but here is the thing, it is a private and secure way to meet people who’ve been through what you have been. You can chat and build confidence, not only sexually but in general, and this could help you find the right woman.

For a number of reasons, including exploring your own sexuality or just getting over your ex girlfriend and find a cool girl to hang out with, millions of people join adult sex chats on different sites. You may feel that it is not easy to get over your ex but these sites help you get close and intimate with the other persons before you meet them even if it’s just for fun or for more.

You know probably that you can’t replace what you felt with your ex, but you have to remember that every time you love someone it is different. You must let yourself go and live your life, look for new opportunities and explore new stuff. If you want you can check an adult sex chat website as it is a good starting point in finding that special someone that is there for you.

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100% Free Adult Amateur Films

The free adult porn market is pretty much thriving these days and more and more sites pop-up in this industry every day. The vids which they host are virtually mind-blowing and folks like them. On every single free porn page can be found a specific number of categories that will help you look for the vids that you like the most.

The grouping that in some way seems to turn me on is the Amateur. Amateur 100% free porn vids are simply astounding – there are no words and phrases in any way to explain a home made video with you and your girl making love in the craziest way possible. I absolutely am into these clips and i confess that I check out them once in a while. From them fresh approaches can be mastered for pleasing your lover better. All of these 20min clips can actually be considered as being educational vids from where you are able to understand how to do it much better, how to protect yourself and what things you mustn’t do during intercourse.

Almost all free porn amateur vids possess a little something exclusive that makes them one of the most wished-for. Looking at how unprofessional folks start kissing, touching, undressing, looking at them how they’re making real love – this stuff can’t be found in not one other free porn category and i also consider that amateur vids are worthy of the 1st place in any cost-free adult porn category countdown.

What I enjoy the most about free porn amateur vids would be the approach they’re done: through the help of a cellphone or a digicam or even using the webcam of the Personal computer or laptop computer. What I enjoy a lot more is the fact that all those people who have sex on the camera post their video on the internet, on specialized free porn webpages which host this kind of clips and can earn some cash from it… very cool! Try out such a vid on your own and hit me up – inform me what you think of it and from a scale from 1 to 10, just how great the amateur category is.

Adult Website Filtering

Should you be blocking porn websites from your home computer? Well if you don’t like porn you should be. Do you have a wife and kids? If you do, you definitely need to be blocking porn sites with some sort of adult website filtering software. Porn sites are very sneaky in how they operate. You can get all kinds of adware and spyware installed on your pc that will only show porn related materials. If you have kids, this is one thing you should be really concerned about.

I am going to expose a few things to you that not many people know about.
I have in the past run many adult websites, and have even worked for a few of the biggest porn companies in the industry. I was not the person filming or shooting, I was the person that works behind the lines as a web developer. I would help code the membership areas and the ads that the companies used. I admit I am not proud of the line of work I was in, but I’m here to help you stay away from porn and all the seedy things that come along with it.

The porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but because of a downsized economy sales are at an all-time low. This is making the companies become more unethical than they already are. They are pulling sneaky tricks, like placing cookies to monitor your online activities. They are offering free download that install adware and spyware on your computer. This is only the tip of the ice berg.

The porn companies have what they call affiliates. These affiliates promote the porn sites and get a piece of the commission. What makes this bad though is the fact that these affiliates are suffering from some of the all-time lowest sales. You might think this is a good thing, but it is not. When you have people with no morals looking to increase their porn sales, they try to get everyone they can to their sites. It does not matter the age, race, or sex. They want these visitors and will market their sites on non porn sites, and try to expose everyone they can to them.

Believe it or not this is not the worst part. They will create something free for you to download or run an auto download into you temporary internet files and install a virus, adware, or spyware. These will give you popups to porn and all kinds of other nasty stuff. Now you might be thinking that is illegal, and you are 100% right. Think about it for a moment, we are dealing with unethical people that are willing to stop at nothing to get a sale. In their eyes, doing something illegal or unethical is just another day of work.

Now, let’s say a porn affiliate is promoting a huge porn company, and the porn company happens to find out the affiliate is doing something illegal. What do you think they are going to do about it. When I started in the adult industry years ago, that affiliate would have his or her account canceled and been reported to every agency possible (Including the F.B.I.). You know what happens now, They turn a blind eye to it. I know this first hand, and this is the reason I am no longer in the adult industry. I wish I could go into more details on this, but I would be jeopardizing myself and my family.

To sum all this up, you need to filter adult websites from your computer. Working in the adult industry, we were able to bypass almost all adult filters one way or another. There was only one piece of software we were not able to bypass, and it was My Porn Blocker. These guys made a great piece of software and update it all the time. Till this day no porn company has found a way to get past this great software. So please check out this software so you or your family is not exposed to any of the corrupt and shady companies I used to work for.

3 Tips To Stop Porn Addiction

If you find yourself going back again and again to your computer to consistently surf for porn in ever more increasing variety and you cannot seem to stop yourself you probably have an internet porn addiction. Some may continue to think there is no issue with this as you are not hurting anyone but the truth of the matter is you could be hurting your relationships with your family, partner or future partners because of this behavior that is slowly warping your mind with unrealistic expectations of yourself and others along with the huge amount of time wasted in front of a screen. You can however stop porn addiction if you choose to but beware, if you are not serious about stopping behaviors that are damaging your life then you will gain nothing from this article, if you genuinely want to change your life for the better then there are a few things you can do right now to help!

1. Eliminate Porn From Your Computer

Do it now … do not worry I wont go anywhere but if you cannot delete all your bookmarks, all the porn on your hard drive and any you might have backed up then you will never be free of your addiction.
OK … have you done it? If your PC is now free of porn and links to pornography then you have taken a step closer to freedom, there is nothing dirty or smutty now on your machine it is a clean slate as should be your mind as you enter into a pact with yourself to give up porn. Also, if you have any porn site subscriptions cancel them now!

2. Get A Site Blocker

There are many programs out there that control what you browse and lock out undesirable content, usually it is to protect children which may be a good idea if you have kids but for you this could be a way to stop the ease of access to online pornography that makes it so addictive and easy to get a hold of. While you can always disable it the extra hurdle this places will often stop you from subconsciously looking up adult entertainment when you really are trying to quit.

3. Do Some Research

One of the most disturbing trends with porn is how it degrades women and when someone becomes addicted to such entertainment their entire view of women and sex becomes unrealistically skewed making men think of women as sex objects and this coupled with someone who may also suffer from low self esteem and rejection issues may come to hate women. The truth is very different but when all your information about women comes from the men oriented sex industry then that is what you subconsciously learn. If you do admit you have a problem with porn or you know someone who does do some research into what women think about sex and men in today’s world, go to women’s sites and get informed about the truth of the matter. Not only will this expand your world view it may counteract some of the damage that too much porn may have done to your view about the opposite sex and this in turn can really turn you off porn as an outlet for sexual desire when you see the damage it can do.

These 3 tips to stop porn addiction are just a start and only the third suggestion is really on the path to finding a long term solution. This is because at its core this sort of addiction is a psychological issue caused by some factors in a person life that vary from person to person but most commonly occur from poor self esteem or an ingrained low opinion of women from other sources. Unfortunately there is no easy cookie cutter method to eliminate porn addiction from a person because everyone’s issues are so different so a personalized approach targeting the root causes of why you came to have the addiction is the only real way to get results.

Sex Addiction

Does the idea make you uncomfortable, make you laugh, make you say you want to meet one? Or does it make you wish for the capacity to have an emotionally intimate relationship, not dozens of superficial ones? Or perhaps you are concerned for the children and teenagers in your life, that they not become victims of sex crimes; or that they (or you) not become victims of someone unable to commit to and sustain a relationship, or spend their lives wondering why they cannot have a healthy relationship. No question, the term, “sex addict” definitely provokes something in all of us.

Like other addictions, sex addiction is a way to cover or change feelings. It is a substitute for dealing effectively with life. Non addicts or addicts truly in recovery are able to have healthy relationships, sexual and non sexual. Sex addicts often destroy their primary relationship by going elsewhere to pursue their addiction. They cannot relate normally as they are always looking for more or different. Really they are searching for something external, anything, a substance or a process, to “fix” them. An addict is simply NOT OK in his or her own skin.

Example: it is common for addicts to use pornography, especially computer porn or movies. The man who is involved in computer porn, or tuning in to “Adult Films” regularly, is not available for emotional intimacy with his primary sexual partner… he spends time and energy focused on the porn, not on his wife or girlfriend. He can use his addiction to isolate and avoid being vulnerable. He, and she, misses the benefits of an honest and emotionally present relationship. The computer has become his lover; he is having an affair, just as much as if he were involved with another woman.

Other destructive examples of sex addiction include the men and women who have multiple affairs with multiple partners, never feeling close to any of them. The addict is desperately lonely and yet unable to let anyone into his life; he is not able to allow anyone to really know him, living with a deep seated fear that he will be rejected or hurt. Everything and everyone is sexualized. Every trip to the gym is an opportunity to wear provocative clothing and covertly solicit. Every encounter with a member of the opposite sex is either overtly or covertly flirtatious. The “vibes” sent out by the sex addict are clearly detectable by anyone looking; they scream loud and clear, “I am available,” “want to be with me,” “let’s have sex,” and so on. After the initial rush, the gnawing loneliness returns.

Addicts can switch addictions easily , so it is not uncommon for an alcoholic to begin to use food, gambling, or sex, instead of, or in addition to alcohol. Sex addicts are attracted to each other like magnets. The progression of this disease, if left untreated, can be to sex crimes, including exposure and assault. The addiction will escalate as the need for the “drug” (sex) increases. There are treatment centers that specialize in the treatment of sex addicts, and many books on the disease and recovery. To read more about Sex Addiction, begin with Patrick Carnes, Out of the Shadows.

Recovery from this addiction allows the person to become available for other things in life, most importantly, for a relationship not contaminated by the dishonesty and shame of affairs, porn, or other behavior that takes away from closeness to one partner. Here’s a test: are you doing anything you would not want your family (grandmother, children, and wife) to know about? Recovery is possible. It is not necessary to switch addictions from a substance or process to another substance or process; rather, it is possible to recover from the entire disease (dis-ease) of addiction, to be free to choose your own behavior, to not be bound by compulsions and obsessions.

Addicted – Break Free From Pornography Today

Here are five reasons why you should combat your Addiction:

1. Get to know Pornography for what it is.

Pornography is the depiction of sexually explicit materials with the interest of making the viewer or reader, sexually aroused. Pornographic Addiction is a model of compulsive sexual activity with concurrent use of pornographic material, despite negative consequences to ones physical, mental, social and financial well-being.

2. Pornography comes in shades

Wearing glasses protects one’s eyes from reflection or hides ones injury in the eyes, different shades for the varying amount of reflection your eyes can handle. You can choose the amount of reflected pornography that your eyes/ears receive; literatures, magazines, audio’s, videos, verbal speech e.t.c, so in your form of entertainment, select your sexual innuendo can handle. Try to avoid watching, listening or reading materials that might promote sex. Filter your eyes.

3. Pornography affects your morals

The morality of an individual decreases overtime. Those exposed attach more value to casual sex and show greater acceptance of premarital sex. Pornography damages the sexual performance of the viewers; it tends to develop problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in males. Pornography raises the demand for types and amount of sexual experiences, at the same time reduce the ability to experience it. Statistics as compiled in the 2015 porn status show that marriage mates that tend to watch porn are 218% more likely to commit adultery. Analysis also shows that pornographic material puts one on increased risk of developing sexual violent tendencies; commit sexual offence, accepting rape myth and so on.

4.Those who produce have not your best interests at heart

“Instead of having sex education be boring, be technical… I’d rather have us educate our children to be critical consumers who see porn”, Dr Christian, a sex researcher of Aalborg University. Many movies watched e.g. Addicted 2014; frequent stories read and heard show that when one is exposed to sexual images or even intercourse at a young age leaves many exposed to a very wrong view of sex. First image on sex/ sensual images left in the brain of any child/teen/adult are never satisfied especially if no sex education is being given. Granted thanks to use of internet and updated technology use, one cannot filter completely porn but sex education comes first rather than having being introduced to affect our mental emotional state.

5. You love yourself

Because you love and care about yourself, never give up. Loving one self and knowing for all right reasons you need to fight these feelings, I know you will work hard, really hard to create a covenant with your eyes, ears and mind. Do not give up the fight. Believe in yourself. You can break free today.

Sex Addiction Help: Essential Truth No 1 -The Truth About Love, Sexual Addiction and Porn Addiction

Do you want the truth about why you are addicted to sex?


Many of your fundamental beliefs, behaviors, habits and opinions are learned when you are very young-acquired inadvertently by association, conditioning and reinforcement rather than chosen consciously by TRUE REASONING.

Due to this developmental process, some of the fundamental beliefs you have subconsciously accepted as ‘true’ are, in fact, Not True.



When you accepted beliefs that were ‘not true’ in childhood, you decided how to best meet your needs and desires based on these beliefs. Reinforced, your body naturally stored these beliefs and behaviors as subconscious programs… Which then began to automatically determine your behaviors of sexual addiction, love addiction and or porn addiction.

These programs are operating beneath your awareness… Like the programs that operate your heartbeat and blood pressure.

Held to logical reasoning, your now-adult-mind would no longer agree with your programmed instructions. If the beliefs were ‘brought to light’, you could see the logical flaw that ’caused’ you to choose your behavior.


The Beliefs Were Flawed. You Were Innocent.

“A belief is more than an idea the mind possesses, it is an idea that possesses the mind.” – Robert Oxton Bolton

The Bottom Line Is This:


Inaccurate limiting programming, that exists in your subconscious mind, is the reason you are experiencing yourself addicted to sex, love or porn.

Your subconscious programs can be compared to those of a computer. Just like the instructions within a given computer program, your subconscious programs are controlling your reactions by limiting the behavioral responses you see available to you.

As your Awareness has expanded through your VALUABLE LIFE EXPERIENCE, you have inevitably encountered limitations based in your personal childhood programming–immature conclusions which have resulted in your specific experience of sex addiction, love addiction or Porn.

Your subconscious programming was accepted in Stages, which perfectly align with your physical development as you were maturing.



You began your physical experience as an infant in a state of complete dependence. Your vulnerable state was intensified by the fact that you could not-yet communicate in the same verbal language spoken by your caregivers. As a direct result, you may have experienced yourself as restricted, perhaps even powerless, to get your needs and desires met.

In Reality you were powerless to independently get your needs met.

During this stage of development you will have made conclusions about:

1. Whether or not you are welcome in the world,
2. Whether or not the world is supportive of you, and
3. Whether or not just ‘Being’ in this world is sufficient.

When you experienced, in your innocence, your needs or desires as unfulfilled or even rejected, you may have decided that the most efficient way to avoid this frustrating experience is to reject the very aspect of your Self that is experiencing the need or desire.

In this well-intended effort to protect your vulnerable, emerging Self, you may have inadvertently programmed and reinforced the flawed belief:

“My needs and/or desires are not important.

I Am not valuable as I Am.”

This conclusion is followed by a decision about your behavior, such as:

“I must adapt and be something different”




True needs are your body’s way of communicating to you that which is necessary for your survival. Your experience of desire is your soul’s way of communicating what is necessary for you to thrive. In other words, as a mature adult, your ABILITY TO THRIVE (as compared to simply survive) is now dependent upon your personal ability to hear and productively respond to the truth of your own needs and desires.

Here is an EXAMPLE:

YOUR EXPERIENCE: Imagine yourself as a 9 month old infant. You have awakened in your crib and are experiencing hunger pangs. Your body is communicating your need for food.

However, in your completely dependent state, you cannot meet this need independently. Not only do you need food. You need someone to provide it for you and feed you.

You communicate your need in the way you know how…the way that is in perfect integrity with your developmental stage…you cry. Your mother hears your cry.

However, desensitized by her own past conditioning and subconscious programming, rather than hear and appropriately respond to your need for food, she falsely concludes that “you are just being fussy”. She communicates this to you by closing the door to your room and leaving you to just cry it out.


Your mother, in what was a well-intended response to her false perception of reality, has presented you with the suggestion that your expression of your need for food is Not Real. She presented you with a false reality–that “you are just being fussy”.

THE CHOICE: Although you do not-yet-possess the maturity to logically discern, you are being presented with a choice; a choice to accept your Reality or your mother’s False Reality.

THE RESULT: If you accept True Reality, your conclusions and behaviors will be based in Truth and you will not experience the symptoms of a subconscious program. On the other hand, if you accept your mother’s suggestion, you will have accepted a False Reality and the behaviors you see available to you will be limited by this False Belief.

As a dependent child your True and Real experience of your needs being rejected, conditioned and reinforced over time, may lead you to subconsciously accept ‘Self-Rejecting Beliefs’ such as:

I don’t really need this–I’m just being fussy. I’m too needy. My needs are not really important. Communicating my needs won’t work.

…Or you may accept ‘Significant Other-Rejecting Beliefs’ such as:

Women cannot be trusted to meet my needs (independent of whether or not they are actually trustworthy), etc.

Rejection of your Self or Others leads to:

The False Self

THE REAL ‘PROBLEM’: Your Integrity will compel you to eventually acknowledge your True Needs and Core Desires (ie: I’m feeling hunger. I need food). Even if you’ve rejected them, they are alive and well–patiently and reliably cycling you to discover, through your experience of addiction, the subconscious program you accepted in your innocence (ie: I’m overly needy. I don’t really need what I think I need).

PS: If you are experiencing addiction, you will not-yet-aware of these conclusions, as you will subconsciously perceive them as ‘reality’.

Until you see True Reality, due to your commitment to meet your Needs and Desires, you will be compelled to operate from a FALSE SELF based on your subconscious program (ie: Unconsciously believing “I’m too needy”, I become driven to lie when I experience them and become a compulsive liar).

As an adult operating a Subconscious Program, the pool of behaviors you see available to you to meet your Needs and Desires are greatly limited. Having unconsciously rejected your own needs, you have devised a backup plan of sorts–one that you believe will eliminate the risk of the potentially painful experience of being rejected by yourself or others. However, in Reality, your behavior is greatly increasing your risk of being rejected.

Your experience of Sex Addiction is your False Identity attempting to meet your needs from a limited pool of self-sabotaging behaviors based on your unconscious Misperception of Reality.

IN REALITY: By subconsciously accepting programming that rejects your Needs and Desires as valuable, you unintentionally abandoned and rejected your True Self by deciding you ‘should be’


Subconscious Programs can result in multiple False Selves. False Selves CANNOT fill the real need for love and intimacy because they are not forming attachments based in Truth. In other words, the False Identity is INCAPABLE of meeting the True Need it is compulsively trying to fulfill.

By inadvertently accepting Subconscious Programs, you DIMINISH your CREATIVE POTENTIAL and effectively WITHHOLD FROM YOURSELF YOUR RIGHT TO MEET YOUR REAL NEEDS and DESIRES.




This process requires:

1. Opening your mind to the possibility that you’ve accepted limiting operations that are not necessarily true,

2. Locating the limiting program,

3. Witnessing the Misperception of Reality in the original program and Declaring the Truth of your experience, and

4. Consciously asserting and reinforcing behaviors in alignment with your newly decided expansive Truth.